Squeezing in the Photography

We all have busy schedules so it can be tough to find stretches of time to photograph, and I at least have to be opportunistic about getting a series of images rather than just odd snapshots. I'm also trying to photograph people more, something I've never been that comfortable doing, and one of my goals for 2017 is to focus more energy on that.

Earlier this year I attended a conference in San Antonio which gave me an opportunity to photograph people in a new setting, and do it in a context that I didn't have to worry about people worrying about being photographed. I had my Fuji X100S with me, and it was a great, inconspicuous companion. I have the sound on it entirely turned off so it's completely silent, and the style of it makes people curious about it and not intimidated.

I ended up using the in-camera black and white, not something I usually do, but the mood struck me and I went with it. Primarily I used the "yellow filter" film simulation, which lightens skin tones and creates quite a high contrast look. I did some modification in Lightroom afterward, but pretty modest.

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