Photographing Prosthetics Prototypes

I've been helping my wife put together a presentation about her professional and teaching work (she's a professor in industrial design at San Jose State University). She does work on low-cost prosthetics, for use in developing countries that have large quantities of amputations due to such causes as land mines (for example, Colombia, which is the 2nd-most affected country with landmines, after Afghanistan). Some of her students work on designs and prototypes in one of her classes. I photographed some of the lower-leg prototype prosthetics they built, which are clever both mechanically and visually. While these are way more interesting than you'd probably expect, they are actually quite functional and durable, and producible locally in Colombia for under $40.

(By the way, you can find a lot more of my product photography at my side project, Mass Made Soul.)

By the way by the way: Say "Photographing Prosthetic Prototypes" 5 times quickly.